Dec 022013

It looks like I really need to have at least an appreciation of JavaScript for the DOORS Next Gen scripting.  I did a quick search for a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), with a slight preference for EdX because I have used them before.  EdX and Coursera didn’t have anything I liked the look of, but I found this one instead from  It is an asynchronous course and doesn’t look like it has the same level of video support or active forums of the EdX courses, but it does seem to cover the right sort of material, including HTML as well as JavaScript and several other topics.  I have not heard of before and I have no idea of the quality of their offerings.

This link looks like it might have some useful resources as well.

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  1. Very useful link Hazel, think I willspend some time reviewing this materail now it is possible to use Javascript in DOORS Next Generation.

    • Mark, it would be great if you could add a comment back here with your views on the quality of the content when you get a chance to dig in to it.

      • If there’s anyone still around who knows how to customise Rational Change, that used client-side and server-side JavaScript in a modular and easily deployable way……

        • Great point Paul, Rational Rhapsody was JavaScript as well, so there is plenty of knowledge out there in approximately the right domain.

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