Mar 262014
Documenting a DOORS Database Schema

Following on from the Information Architecture Workshop series, I want to show an example of how some of that information should be documented. A comprehensive document should be made available, but also a summary document for quick reference and guidance. Some years ago we produced a quick reference document for a generic schema and process, […]

Jan 152014
The times they are a-changin'

I have been spending time this week with Aged P and we came to talk about technology in the office.  This was prompted by my excess of technology, including a Raspberry Pi. In the Olden Days – well OK 1980 – office documentation was a manual affair with typists and forms. 

Dec 162013
Upgrade! Proceed with care.

I had a local installation of RTC/RQM/DNG* on my laptop at version 4.0.4 and decided to upgrade to 4.0.5.  This is my first upgrade so I approached it with caution, although my fall back position was to uninstall, delete all traces and start again from scratch.

Dec 062013
Finding vs Searching

This post is a little off my normal topics but is another subject close to my heart. Two questions that come up far too regularly are: Where should that be stored? How do people know where to look?

Nov 262013
Customization with scripting for DNG

Client side scripting is coming to DOORS Next Generation.  If you go to the downloads you can get an early release candidate of version 4.0.5 which has a technology preview of client side scripting.  This is not a fully comprehensive feature yet, but this is a good start. The API documentation is here and […]

Nov 192013
UK Hands on workshop

UPDATE: There is now an additional date of 5th December also in Warwick One of my colleagues, Fraser Chadburn, has organized a hands on workshop for the Rational tools for 4th December in Warwick.  This includes DOORS Next Gen as well as DOORS 9.x, Quality Manager, Team Concert, Rhapsody and Publishing Engine.

Nov 112013

I was at UK IBM Innovate last week and one very interesting presentation was from Jeremy Dick of Integrate.  Jeremy highlighted some of the key differences between DOORS Classic and DOORS Next Generation.  I will draw from that discussion here, but also add my own commentary.