Apr 082020
Virtual Workshops

Business as usual I have been working remotely for a little over ten years, so the current work from home is in many ways business as usual for me. I haven’t turned a wheel on the car for a couple of weeks, have only been outside the house to walk the dog and buy milk, […]

May 112018
Using DOORS Next Gen in a Supply Chain

A common request is to maintain traceability into the supply chain. This has always proved to be problematic for a number of reasons, some technical and some political. I am offering here a potential solution. We have, in many industries, now progressed beyond the clone-and-own approach to reuse, and some support for genuine reuse of […]

Feb 142017
Storing Standards in DNG

Many industries rely heavily on a large number of standards, a selection of which are used on each project. There is a perennial problem of managing these so that they are visible within the engineering data environment along with other design artifacts. I wrote previously about some approaches to creating and maintaining traceability to the […]

Apr 222014
A universal process pattern; can an extreme example of abstraction still be useful?

I have been playing with the idea of a very generic process core. It is sufficiently abstract to not be useful on its own, but only as a pattern for building content. I think there may be a small handful of these generic patterns. I am still considering how many other patterns I need, and […]