Oct 212013

A Non-Traditional Approach to Enterprise Learning”>A Non-Traditional Approach to Enterprise Learning is written on a wiki. This paper was presented at IBM Innovate in June 2013, but has not been formally published in white paper format.


Today’s enterprises consist of hundreds of thousands of knowledge workers, each with unique learning needs and learning styles. A key part of software delivery is ensuring that the end users effectively have the knowledge and skills to use the software to achieve the business outcomes promised. With the pressure to do more with less and the rapid pace of new technology being introduced into the marketplace, relying on traditional training classes is no longer an option. Companies are looking for new ways to develop skills and knowledge that provide a higher return on their learning investments. IBM is obviously is in the same position as many of our clients. This session explores IBM’s early experiences with using a more agile and social approach to learning. We also show how we are taking the lessons we learned on our internal program and expanding to an outside-in approach … learning with our clients and business partners.

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  1. […] There is a learning circle on IBM developerWorks on the topic of DOORS Next Generation.  This is built on the ideas presented in our paper. […]

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